Disinfection Services

Our critical Disinfection Services are ideal for businesses, offices, and residential areas. Although it is critical to follow the suggested preventative actions, such as washing and sanitizing your hands on a regular basis, disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces and floors in your house is also necessary. Our specialists will develop a one-of-a-kind solution that is tailored to your facility’s procedures and requirements.

Starting from 

3,800 Birr

What We Do​

Taskmoby professional disinfection service will work around your business hours to ensure that your operations function efficiently and safely. Whether you need a deep clean after hours or regular sanitation during the day, these services will work in tandem with your personnel to offer a safe workplace for both employees and consumers as well as your home.

Our Staff at a taskmoby disinfection service are highly trained and qualified. They have received training in cleaning and disinfecting various sorts of residential locations, office buildings, and other institutions. They are well-equipped to manage a variety of business settings for disinfection services

Areas of Disinfection services

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Hospital disinfection services

It is critical in the medical sector to keep our environment disinfected
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Commercial disinfection

Taskmoby provides cleaning service to hospitals and other high priority

Office disinfection

We provide our cleaning services for offices and corporate workspaces.

Domestic disinfection

After a construction project is completed our cleaning experts at Taskmoby can help with post-construction cleaning services

Why taskmoby

Taskmoby Disinfection services will frequently visit your business or facility and provide you with a free quotation, eliminating any uncertainty. They will meet with you and guide you through the high-touch surfaces in your facility since they have expertise in various sorts of facilities.

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