Taskmoby Completes Training for the First Group of Cleaners in TaskAcademy

Author - Taskmoby


We are glad to announce the completion of the first batch training of cleaners from TaskAcademy. One of the main goals of Taskmoby is to deliver skills training to the service providers to ensure that when they go to the field they are well equipped with both tools and the know how to ensure they deliver good quality jobs to the clients’ satisfaction.

The training modules offered are designed by ISS personnel, a facility service management company offering different types of services, such as cleaning, for large offices, hospitals and airports. The modules are grouped into two; one day of theory work and two days of practical training.

The theory training includes; Personal hygiene Work ethics Which cleaning tools to use for particular tasks The detergents necessary for delivery of the tasks Cleaning procedures How to dress for the job Communication skills Safety measures among others.

The training is part of the agenda that Taskmoby aims to deliver in partnership with Mercy Corps who are working in cohort to ensure jobs creation to the able women in Ethiopia. The agenda aims to onboard about 150 in the next eight weeks, and ensure these providers get on a minimum four jobs per day thereby ensuring they can provide for their needs and those of their households.