3 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Roaches at Home

Author - Taskmoby


Getting rid of roaches naturally Roaches are the most embarrassing pests around. They stroll in at the most appropriate times and on things they should not be. Getting rid of them can be a slow process because one tries to avoid suing chemicals that can be harmful to those living around you. Therefore, there are natural ways to ensure that you get rid of them the roaches without endangering others.

Make sure your house is always clean. Wipe down the counters and table tops when you are done using and sweep the floors when you go to bed. While it may seem like a lot to do every night but doing this regularly it will help eliminate food residues that tend to attract roaches.

Ensure that cracks and holes in the kitchen and tabletops are sealed up. Roaches and other pests tend to crawl and hide in these cracks therefore seal these entries. This may take time but at the end of this exercise it will be totally worth it. It especially will work best for you to keep roaches from other neighbors who may not be maintaining high standards of cleanliness as you.

Once it works for you, talk to those who live in your apartment block and encourage them to do the same, that way you can all keep your houses and apartment block clean. Roaches are attracted to moisture and water, therefore fix any water leaks that may be there especially under the sinks. Roaches can survive for months with no food but days without water so when you clear the table tops off food residue ensure that your taps are tightly closed and repair the tiniest of leaks.