Taking care of your floors effectively

Author - Taskmoby


Everyone wants to have a clean environment to live in. Most people for instance mop their houses 3 times a week, and do general cleaning on Saturdays. However, it is important that before you engage in this task you understand the kind of floor you have so that you can ensure the floors remain spotless.

Most times as we clean, we fail to look at the cleaning products directions which are usually the ones to direct us on what kind of floor it is meant for. First thing one needs to do is choose a mop based on your floor type, some floors come with a manufacturer’s direction that need to be followed.

If your floor is smooth then a sponge mop will do the trick, if you have a floor that has a lot of texture, then the correct mop will be the rag mop or classic white string.

Flat mops can be used on a daily basis because they are easy to use and can reach corners that other mops cannot. Sponge mops are great for cleaning tiles however, they need to be well maintained because they act as bacteria habitat. Rinse the sponge mop and ensure it dries up completely before storage.

Before you mop the floor, it’s important that you pre-clean the surfaces especially if there are sticky spots that noticed during sweeping. While some people prefer to mop directly from the tap, using a bucket is advisable because you can move around with it. In case the water gets too dirty, you can always replace it. While using detergents is advisable, adding extra mopping solutions will not get the floor cleaner rather it will leave the floor with residue.

Dip you mop in the bucket and wring it with either your hands or a wringer because too much water on the floor could damage the floor. Always mop from the top of the room to the bottom that way as you mop you are standing on the un-mopped floor. It will also help prevent tracking. Rinse and wring the mop as often as you can to ensure that the floor remains clean and you do not leave small particles on the floor. While you may not be able to reach all the corners of the floor, use a cleaning rag.

nce you are done mopping, always ensure that you clean up all the equipment used. This will ensure that you have an easy task when you have to do it next time.